18 Things To Do When You Are Not Teaching


"Going, going, gone...."


"Is there a free lunch?"

Something-for-Nothing Freebies

"When is that?"

PIM's (personal information managers)

"Is it in the cards?"

Tarot Cards

"Let's play."


"Say it!"

Tongue Twisters, Quotations and Proverbs

"Chill Out"

Information About Stress

"Sing a Song."

"Song Lyrics"

"Shop Till You Drop"

"Electronic Shopping Malls"

"The Old Fogie's Stoggie"

"All About Fine Cigars"

"I've Been Taken!"

"Fraud Busters"

"Where Oh Where Have You Gone?" Locate Missing People
"Heal Thy Self!" Alternative Medicine
"Cross Words" are fun! Crossword Puzzles
"Invite Them ALL!" E-Invitations
"Don't Let the Stars..." Astrology
"Watch the Little Birdie" Bird-watching
"Indulge In the Classics" Classic TV Shows