Educational Theories

About Learning
Read about twelve different theories of learning. You will also find information on curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Block Scheduling
Q & A sections about block scheduling, research reviews, publications, and feedback from schools using block scheduling.

Case Against Block Scheduling

Center for Education Reform, The
Read about the latest educational trends at this site.

Educational History and Philosophy Sites
Read about the Gestalt Theory, philosophy of education, John Locke Horace Mann and others.

Explorations in Learning & Instruction
This site contains information on more than 50 major theories of learning and instruction.

Understanding - Theories
Refresh your knowledge of theories about learning, curriculum, instruction, assessment, and curriculum organization.

Informal Education
Come to this site to learn what informal education is and how it is best practiced.

Instructional Design Models
This site focuses on instructional design, educational technology, and the educational theories.

Learning Theories and Models of Teaching
Would you like to learn more about instructional models, humanistic education, learning theories, cooperative learning, or brain-based learning.? If so, visit this site.

Learning Theory Timeline
Visit this site to see a timeline of learning theories and theorists dating back to 1889.

Math Forum - Block Scheduling
Learn more about the pros and cons of block scheduling. Additionally,? you will find information about calculus reform, grouping, tracking, collaborative learning and more.

Strategic Teaching and Learning
This is an article suggesting principles to help improve instruction in the classroom. It also contains information about study skills and tips for teachers.