Student Test Taking Strategies

Doctor Ah-Clems Web Page for Students?
Chuck full of information about tests and learning skills. Choose tips from online sites, books or e-mail the doctor about a question.

Exam Tips?
Tips for true/false questions, multiple choice, essay and number problems. You will also find general strategies and test examples.

Study Tips?
Even a section on the Regents Exam!

Survival Strategies for Taking Tests?

Test Taking Skills?
The site contains characteristics that make for a poor test taker; what to avoid!? There is information on how to prepare for the test.?
This site helps students prepare for SAT, PSAT, and ACT tests. You will find study guides, information, and much more.

Year 12 Help Site, The?
All you want to know about test taking. Find out? how to prepare weeks in advance for an exam, the pre-exam, during the exam, and post-exam.?