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Links for the Librarian and Anyone Else!
Media Literacy, Copyright and Using the Library Media Center
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Professionally Speaking


American Association of School Librarians Home Page

The official site of the national organization of school library media specialists, this link provides a forum, perspective and information that is dedicated the School Library Media Center and its goal of promoting information literacy and life long learning.

FNO From Now On

An educational technology journal that has the teacher, the librarian and parent in mind. It includes articles on staff development, curriculum, grant announcements and more

YALSA: Young Adult Library Services Association

This web site is devoted to the Young Adult Reader, and looks to promote reading in this "lost area" of librarianship. It gives a wealth of suggestions for the reluctant reader, notable books as well as articles and commentary on issues that face this unique age group.



The most comprehensive site for the book industry, this commercial link includes book reviews, industry news and a wealth of links to other book related sites.

? Knowledge Quest

The on-line version of AASL's referred journal Knowledge Quest, this web site gives information to assist library media specialist, supervisors, library educators and other individuals that make decisions concerning the library media center, its development, promotion and services.

Welcome to American Libraries Online

The official on-line publication of the American Library Association, the site gives an overview of issues facing the library realm as well as giving association news.

Links for the Librarian and Anyone Else!

Librarian's Index to the Internet

A dream of a site... searchable, annotated subject directory of librarian evaluated sites, this web page gives reliable guides to selected Internet sites. It includes everything but the kitchen sink and has a listserve that announces the top 20 resources added to it.

Library Juice

A subscriber based news digest for and about the library realm, this site includes announcements, web resources and news that has an impact in and on the library world. One aspect of this site is its social responsibility - intellectual freedom focus.

Library Media & PR

Sponsored by the American Library Association, this site gives tips, ideas, and solutions for libraries and public relations. Many of these can be adapted to the School Library Media Center

Library of Congress

This site provides resources for the teacher and librarian. It has a section for K12, the blind and handicapped, ways to access other library catalog as well as a list of services that can help in cataloging or finding material. It gives a section on how to cite the materials found on it.

United States Department of Education

The Department of Education maintains a web site that provides a wide range of information on educational issues, including the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities, Online ordering of educational papers.

Media Literacy, Copyright and Using the Library Media Center

C O P Y R I G H T L A W S . C O M -- Information for the 21st Century

This informative commercial web site is dedicated to the issues surrounding copyright, digital, media and other intellectual property issues. It also covers the international side of these important issues


Need Ideas?

This consortium's aim is to provide high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other educational resources from the substantial, but un-cataloged, collections of educational materials found on various federal, state, university, non-profit and commercial web sites