100 Great Resources for Middleschool Teachers

Some educators believe that teaching middle school students is the most challenging job a teacher could have. Middle school students present unique challenges and problems for the middle school teacher to solve; because middle school students are undergoing many changes, including physical, social and emotional, during this time, finding ways to make learning fun is crucial for teachers. The Internet can greatly help middle school teachers in this endeavor.

Lesson plans in a variety of middle school subjects can be found on the Internet, as well as information on curriculum development and behavioral management. Middle school teachers can also find professional development opportunities online. The Internet is an effective way for middle school teachers to communicate with each other. Exchanging ideas, advice and solutions to common problems becomes much easier with the use of new technology.

Lesson Plans

Social Studies

Language Arts



General /Miscellaneous Subjects

Professional Development


Classroom Management

Curriculum Development

Teaching Techniques

Miscellaneous Topics in Middle School Education