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Help Web : A Guide to Getting Started on the Internet
A revised Jan. 1999 tutorial.

History of the Internet Timeline

Internet Tutorials 'n Surfing Guides
Tutorial and links.

Learn the Net : Essential Internet Online
Comprehensive internet resources and tutorials.


The title says it all!

Web Authoring
More than 2,200 free resources. The site also reviews and provides links to sites with Web-building tools such as e-mail, site monitoring, text enhancement and privacy statements.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML
A listing of official HTML tags in common usage. It also contains Netscape
and Microsoft extensions.

Beyond the Son of Filamentality
Teacher tips on how to customize a web page.

A primer on web authoring.

Everyone. Net
"Plug-in-Portal is a suite of integrated, hosted services that can be easily added to any web site, including free email, search and community. Plug-in-Portal is free and highly customizable.

A fill in the blank approach to web page creation.

HotWired: Webmonkey
You will find step-by-step courses in every facet of Web development and design. Such sections include Site Optimization Tutorial, Introduction to Flash and Thau's JavaScript Tutorial.

NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML
The National Center for Supercomputing Applications, birthplace of the first-generation Mosaic Web browser, offers the instructions; at this site.

Six sites comprise this network approach:, DevSearch, PeopleSphere, Developer Zone, Sightings and Future Focus. There are lessons and examples of well-designed sites.

Small Planet's : Create Your Own Web Page

Table Maker
Help with making tables.

The Elated Web Toolbox
Site is based on a series of "kits" to help build or improve your page. The Buttonkits section offers more than 800 Web buttons, icons and animations. Actionkits has 40 Adobe Photoshop 4.0 actions to help create special effects. Add some style to your page using the Web design tips.

Web Developer's Site
A site full of development reference material,

Web Style Guide
Yale University's The Center for Advanced Instructional Media guide to creating Web sites. Six sections cover interface, site and page design, graphics, multimedia, and animation.

Graphics and Web Elements

4 a.m. Fractals - Jill's FREE Animated GIFs
Graphics plus 450+ border backgrounds made from fractals.

A+B+C Graphics
Backgrounds, balls, lines, buttons, and banners. ?

A1 Icon
Site contains icons, backgrounds, animated gifs, bars & lines, balls, buttons, clip art, fonts and more. ?

Acid Fonts ?

Free animated gifs, arrows, backgrounds & textures, buttons, bullet points, counter digits, letters, and lines and rules. ?

Animation Arthouse
Dragons, mandalas, ravens, caterpillars, snakes, spiders, and bars. ?

Back At Ya
Background sets in many categories. Site includes a search engine to search this site. ? ?

Background City
A new theme each month and a great selection from which to select from. ?

Backgrounds by Carel
More than 600 backgrounds. ?

Backgrounds by Julie

Backgrounds by Marie
Site contains some of the following categories: classic painters sets, jeweled sets, unique sets, family & Victorian sets, floral sets, scenic sets, various animal sets, angelic & cherub sets, birthday sets, wedding sets, children sets, miscellaneous sets, muted seamless sets, tiled backgrounds, Thanksgiving sets, Christmas sets, and a color chart picker & tutorial. ?

Becky's Wildlife & Fantasy Art!
Wildlife and fantasy artwork. There are graphics and tips for making a web page.? ?

Clip Art
A site for clip art for Webmasters & Web Site Designers. You will find custom backgrounds, horizontal rules, animated globes, etc.

Help with background colors for your web pages.

Select to your a guest page created by Dreambook in exchange for placing a banner ad on your page.

Icon Bazaar
Large site with images that have clean edges and transparent backgrounds.

Sun Microsystems
Free scripts from the developers of Java.

The Amazing Picture Machine

The Counter
Free counter for web sites.

The Java Boutique
Collection of Java Applets available.

The World of Animated Communications
Create banners and advertisements for your web site.

Web Places Clip Art Review
This is an index of free image sites.

? Screen Shot Software

HyperSnap DX (PC)

? Conversion of any word processor file into html format:

Terry Morse's Myrmidon ?

Free Web Hosting will host your business' Web site for free and give you the software tools and support needed to build and promote the site. 35MB of space, lifetime e-mail address and free site plug-ins. The perks include banner swaps and statistics that enable you to see who has visited. There is a Forum message boards and articles.
WebJump will give you 25MB of free space, unlimited bandwidth and around-the-clock support. The Quick Start and Webmaster Resources and tutorials will help you build your Web-page.
You will get 10MB of space for your web page. If you need more, request it. There is a Resources section that contains HTML guides, message boards, a help area.

Virtual Avenue.
Virtual Avenue provides 20MB of free space and supports sites with CGI scripting(allows you to include forms, polls and other interactive resources). Be prepared to have advertising banners for other sites hosted by Virtual Avenue.