States for Kids

Alabama Archives Webpage for Kids!
Learn all about Alabama at this site, many facts and games are to be found.
Arizona-Solar Center
Come to this site to learn what renewable energy is and how it can be used. A Solar Energy Education Packet is available for teachers.

Arkansas-State Park Kids
You can earn your own Junior Naturalist badge by touring this site. Lots of games and activities can also be found.

California-Gold Rush
Learn more about the Gold Rush by traveling with the forty-niners to California.

Discover Texas

Florida-Florida Kids
Learn about Florida at this site. You can discover underwater sites of historic shipwrecks, and learn about the history of each ship and it's crew and more.

Idaho--Just for Kids

Idaho-Forests Are For Kids

Illinois-Prairies in the Prairie State
Learn all about prairies in Illinois, the animals that live there, and the role that humans play within a prairie. The site includes experiments and activities.

Kansas-Historical Society for Kids

Massachusetts Governor--Kids' Page
You can meet the Governor of Massachusetts at this site. Examine the current press releases and speeches for the past year. Have fun on? a tour of the Governor's Office. There are also some interesting state facts.

Maine-Kid's Page

Maryland Kids' Page!

Maryland--My DNR (Department of Natural Resources)
Visit this site and travel through the mountains and forests, and the Chesapeake Bay region.

Minnesota-Minnesota Student Page

Montana-Montana Kids
Learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition and the role of Sacagawea.and other interesting facts via games and activities.

New Hampshire-Facts for Kids
? Learn more about the Granite State and other fun facts about this state.

New Hampshire-The New Hampshire Almanac

New Jersey Historical Resources
Such information as: the? Lindberg kidnapping, Paul Robeson and more.

New York-Get the Facts About New York State
Learn about New York while you put together the state puzzle. Each new puzzle piece will yield a nugget of information.

North Carolina-Kids Page
Interesting facts about North Carolina and some of its legends.

North Dakota-Kids Activities

Ohio-The Ohio Historical Society Kids Pages
Visit archeological sites, take a hike through an old Ohio village, and more.

Oklahoma--A Student's Guide

Oklahoma--OK Kids

Pennsylvania-Discover Pennsylvania Kids Page

South Dakota-All About South Dakota

Texas-Texas Senate Kids
Learn about Texas and take an interactive tour of the capitol building and more.

Virginia-Kids Commonwealth
Terrific lists of information and other resources abound here.

Wisconsin-Sites for Children