Math Lesson Plans

Best Buy!!!(Unit Cost)

Word Processing/Spreadsheet


Students will compare prices to determine the best buy. They will collect data from newspaper advertisements and enter the data on a spreadsheet and create a word processing document complete with graphs to support their findings.

Casey At Bat

English and Math (Statistics, spreadsheets and graphs)

After reading 'Casey at the Bat' and discussing the sports 'hero' students use the Internet to research real baseball heroes. In groups, students compare individual baseball players' hitting and/or pitching statistics and nominate one baseball hero per group. Students then justify their conclusions by creating spreadsheets and generating graphs of the data. Finally, students individually write a short editorial which incorporates a graph and tells why their player is a hero based on overall achievement as well as statistics

Checking Account



Students are given a list of items purchased with prices, deposits, and withdrawals in a checking account format. They will create a spreadsheet by entering the information into the appropriate cells and the formula that is necessary for computation.

Happy Birthday Mathematicians & Me Using the Web

Word Processing & Internet Research (Math History & Mathematicians)


Mathematicians and scientists are people too!!!!! Did you know that Sir Isaac Newton was inspired to study mathematics after a fight with a school bully? Leonhard Euler wrote more mathematics than anyone -- even after he became totally blind!!!! Great mathematical or scientific discoveries were made by real people who experienced the same misunderstandings and frustrations that we all do when learning a new concept. The purpose of this activity is for you to research a person who made a math or science discovery happen.

Investment and Compound Interest

Students will create a spreadsheet to match a given sample. This will include adjusting column width and row height, changing alignment, changing size and style of print, changing number format. They will learn the concept of compound interest and write formulas to complete the investment chart. They will create a line graph displaying the results of the chart.

? Measuring Mania

Word Processing/ Spreadsheet (Scatter Plot Activity)


The students will compile and enter different sets of data on a spreadsheet to be used in constructing scatter plots. The data will be collected by completing different stations set up in the classroom. A word processing document that describes the different correlations found will also be created.

Moving On Up!

Spreadsheet (Statistics/Percents)


After completing a game-like simulation to determine a career and salary, student groups will collect information and decide what is the 'best' city in which to live. Students will individually choose a 'best' city, support their decision, and create a monthly budget for their 'best' city based on the salary from the simulation.

Newspaper and Graphic Construction

English and Math (graphs and spreadsheets)

Overview :
Students in groups of two will create a newspaper using topics from an assigned chapter. Students will use ClarisWorks word processing, insert graphics, and create graphs using spreadsheets ?



Overview :

Students will use the geosketch pad program to come up with a design given certain guidelines.

Researching Issues of Race and Gender



The class will research statistical information involving racial breakdown of the United States population by gender and ethnicity. These breakdowns could consist of issues such as population changes, number of AIDS cases, death rates and educational levels. This will give students an opportunity to use the Internet to access and analyze current data.

Sports Spreadsheet Activity?

Spreadsheet Activity


Part of the Fairfax County Numerical Reasoning POS is for the students to be able to create and design a spreadsheet. This lesson will familiarize students with searching for information on the Web. Integrating the data collected from the Web into a spreadsheet adds a sense of interest and ownership to the project. The students are researching a topic they are familiar with and which they like.

Timeline Project

Integers and Literature :Using Timeler 4.0 Software


As an interdisciplinary project, students will demonstrate their understanding of the placement of integers on a number line. Students will place integers on the timeline corresponding to zero, the date of their birth. Events will relate to significant family and personal events before they were born and during their lives. In addition, students will place the publication or copyright dates of literary selections they have read throughout the year on the timeline.

TV Viewing

Word Processing/Spreadsheet (Statistics/Scatter plots)


Students will test a hypothesis to see if there is a direct correlation between number of hours of TV viewing and academic grade. They will collect and compile data to enter on a spreadsheet and create a word processing document which will include data and graphs to support their hypothesis.

? Investigate the Rigid Motions of Reflection, Rotation, Translation, and Dilation

Geometer's Sketchpad and a computer


Students will investigate the rigid motions of reflection, rotation, translation, and dilation.

Spreadsheet Development

Computer with Microsoft Excel


A walk-through introducing the basics of spreadsheet development using Microsoft Excel.

Famous Mathematician Book



The lesson includes research from web sites, copying and pasting graphics and/or text from the Internet to a word processing document and composing a final draft of a booklet.


Box Plots on the TI-83 Calculator

Computers with Internet access, TI-82 or TI-83 graphing calculators


The students will research box plots on the Internet and then gather real life statistics. They will analyze the collected statistics by making multiple box plots on the TI-83 calculator and comparing the one variable statistics.

4 Month Budget Spreadsheet



Students will create and maintain a spreadsheet budget based on a predetermined salary. They will have an opportunity to make ?investments and purchases.?

Data Analysis and Data Explorer

Computer with Data Explorer Software


Test scores from a recent test have been compiled from 3 classes and the data is given to the students for their analysis. In the computer lab the students will use Data Explorer to input the data and display as 3 stacked box plots. Students will analyze the data and write a paragraph of their analysis.

Linear Progression

(Candy that is about the same size and weight), another type of weight (heavier candy or dimes), two meter sticks or yardsticks per group, small cup (I used the containers that holds a roll of film), wire, masking tape, graph paper, loose-leaf paper (for notes and to record information), straight edge, pencils, graphing calculators, ClarisWorks or Microsoft Word


Description of Lesson (includes context):
Before conducting this activity, students should have experience creating tables of values and plotting points on a coordinate plane. This lesson is a concrete example of linear progression. The abstract ideas of slope and intercepts are represented in this activity as the constant weights (slope) and the length of the spring with no weights (y-intercept). Students will have the opportunity to create tables of values and graph lines using paper and pencil and the graphing calculator. Students will use either ClarisWorks or Microsoft Word to answer questions focusing on the effects of slope and intercepts on the graph of a line.

Math Lesson Plans

Math lesson plans are essential to the development of successful students. These lessons can aid in the learning of students and also in their own homework assignments. Competence with math at an early age assures much more ease later on in the adult world when factors such as mortgages and personal finances come into the picture. Here is an authoritative resource guide on a variety of math lesson plans.

Geometry Lesson Plans

Geometry lesson plans include lessons on how to draw basic, 3D shapes, so to better familiarize yourself with them. Effective mathematics lesson plans also will feature geometric basics such as an introduction to the number line, positive and negative numbers, and then also graphing actual points on a line. A lot of the lessons simply focus on basic shapes such as triangles, but also on all the different concepts that can be attributed to them. Here is a list of some of the most effective geometry lesson plans and also the materials on which to establish lessons.

· Math Forum: A collection of lesson plans centered around geometry.

· Teach-nology: Web page that features long list of links to geometry lessons.

· Area & Perimeter using Geoboards: Lesson for middle schoolers on understanding area and perimeter.

· Educator’s Reference Desk: Lesson plans for many grade levels on geometry.

· Mathematics CLG: Geometry lesson that comes from the Maryland school system.

· Illuminations: Geometry lesson centering on the Golden Ratio.

· Wolfram: Downloadable lesson on vector geometry solutions.

· ScienceU: Links to many formulas that help students calculate areas, angles, intercepts, and more.

· PBS: Geometry lesson based on the Ken Burns documentary on baseball.

Fractions Lesson Plans

Fractions are one of the most important concepts in math lessons that students ought to master. They are found in other aspects of math, from division to calculating interest to investing in the stock market. Fractions lesson plans usually center on operations with fractions, the concept of equivalent fractions, and converting them to decimals. Here is a list of some of the best fractions lesson plans to assure that students in school improve their ability at fractions.

· Fraction Shapes: Lesson devoted to teaching students about fractions by incorporating shapes.

· Identify Fractions: Lessons on how to identify fractions.

· IXL Math: Geometry lesson for seventh-graders on the traversal of parallel lines.

· Instructor Web: Lessons for middle school students on multiplying fractions.

· Fractions - Word Problems Lesson Plan: A lesson on fractions that uses word problems to teach students in middle school.

· AAA Math: Lesson involving reciprocals of fractions.

· Emathematics: Lesson on reducing or simplifying fractions.

· Equivalent Fractions Game: Lesson for students in seventh to ninth grade on equivalent fractions.

· Utah Education Network: Fractions lesson using dominoes to learn about common denominators.

· Math can take you places: A fractions lesson involving real-world utilization of fractions.

Algebra Lesson Plans

Algebra is best thought of as the branch of math that is focused on the rules of relations and operations, including the concepts and constructions that emerge from them. Algebra generally comes in two forms, elementary algebra and abstract algebra. Elementary algebra concerns itself with polynomials, while abstract algebra allows for binary operations and the properties of sets. Here is a list of links to excellent algebra lesson plans that can be used as lessons themselves, or just as the basis for lessons you create yourself.

· Math for Morons like us: Algebra lessons presented in an easy-to-understand way for middle schoolers.

· Math Mediator: Lessons on algebra about quadratics and square roots.

· Solving Basic Algebra: Quick lesson on how to solve the easiest of algebraic problems.

· Purplemath: Lesson on basic algebra involving canceling terms or units.

· Algebra Help: Explains the basic of algebra in an easy lesson.

· Lesson 1: Algebra lesson that includes information on how to use your calculator.

· Order of Operations: Comprehensive lesson on the order of operations.

· Lesson Tutor: Algebra lesson for ninth-graders that focuses on translating words to numbers.

· Lesson plan for balancing equations: Algebra lesson about basic equations.

· Ed Helper: Lessons in basic algebra delivered in a test-like format.

Other Mathematics Lesson Plans

Other mathematics lesson plans cover any and all areas of math that do not fall into the categories of geometry, fractions, or algebra. This can include simply basic arithmetic, analysis, or the more advanced field of calculus. These lesson plans for math can consist of the very easy like arithmetic that is encountered in grade school to the very sophisticated like calculus that is encountered in higher learning. Here is a list of links to lesson plans focused on other areas of math.

· Arithmetic Lesson Plans: Web page of many links dedicated to arithmetic lessons.

· Practicing Arithmetic: Lessons that will sharpen students’ skills in arithmetic.

· The Calculus Page Problems List: Long list of calculus problems to help out students in understanding this concept.

· Calculus 1: Lessons detailing introductory calculus.

· Special Functions: Features a lesson for those needing help with calculus.

· Energy Conservation: A math lesson for middle schoolers that focuses on energy conservation.

· Mathematical Analysis of a DC Motor: Lesson that uses math analysis to study a motor.

· Thirteen: Another math lesson that relies on mathematical analysis to develop solutions.

· Sixth Grade Math: An enormous list of links to lessons of all kinds of concepts for sixth-graders.

· Math 6 Spy Guys: Site that is committed to providing many math lessons across a plethora of concepts for middle schoolers.