Overview: Students will use the geosketch pad program to come up with a design given certain guidelines.

•Students will have a working understanding of geometric figures.
• Students will use the geosketch pad program to create a design.
• Students will use lines, line segments, circles, rays, acute angles,
obtuse angles, isosceles triangles, right triangles and scalene triangles.

•Students will design and create a picture using geometric guidelines.

•Discuss, as a class, the usefulness of using geosketch pad.
•Demonstrate to the students how to set up sketch pad.
•Demonstrate to the students procedures for creating their design.

On the computer
•Students will load their disks in and then open Geosketch pad. •They will
immediately save a file and name it m8design.
Use the Tool Box and Menu to create design.

Students will label given guidelines on print out of design.
Students will color design.
Students will present their designs to class.
Students designs will be displayed.