Homework Help

A+ Math
Students will find colorful graphics that lead them to math games based on bingo and hidden pictures, and a variety of flash cards. They will also find a homework checker that will inform them of right or wrong answers.

Algebra Help
A section of this site is devoted to a collection of on-site calculators that help solve quadratic functions, simplify expressions, combine like terms, factor numbers and convert hours and minutes into other mathematical expressions of time. Worksheets for practice include the solving basic equations to calculating exponents of polynomials and many other topics.

Algebra Online
This site has a large message board that students and teachers can use to ask questions and discuss curriculum. Free e-mail help is available, provided visitors send in specific questions and have already checked for answers to their questions on the message boards.

Atlapedia Online
Searches of Atlapedia will pull up ample information on the country of choice, included information includes local currency through modern history. The World Maps section yields physical and political maps.

Ask Dr. Math
Dr. Math's site has an archive that is searchable by grade level , elementary through college level. If you need special help e-mail Dr. Math. His responses are easy to understand.

? B. J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper for Kids

Dave's Math Tables
Ten sections at this site include general math, linear algebra, calculus, define terms, formulas and graphs/drawings where appropriate. There is also a message board, suggested books and software, and links.

EMR: Exercises in Math Readiness
This no-frills site gets points for content, if not design. It offers helpful lessons and exercises for introductory, moderate and advanced students of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and set theory. Explanations are accompanied by links to pictorial examples or extra help, if a question is confusing. Note: Mac users may have trouble with the applets (mini-applications) here.

Internet Public Library

Math Homework Help
At this site you will find a mathematics dictionary, practice algebra problems and lists of geometry and trigonometry formulas. The Chronology of Mathematicians provides math history. Also included is a set of practice problems that can be used as a guide for homework. Students can send their questions by e-mail. The cost is a $1 per question and promises an answer overnight.

Powerschool is an interactive school management system. Click on the Students link and bring up a chalkboard of subjects. There is an Ask Jeeves for Students search engine, a reference area, a game section and college prep information. There is also an information section for Parents and teachers

? Math Homework Help

? New York Public Library On-Line

Social Studies School Service
Primary audience is teachers, however, the site can be useful to students. Here is how it works; use the Features menu to select a topic, Early America, Shakespeare or World Religions. The site brings will offer up suggested essay questions, books and videos to use in class, and Internet links.

Consider this a homework link library for students in grades seven and up. Core subjects plus law, philosophy, statistics and mythology are represented

The Human Language Page
There are more than 1,900 prescreened links to language lessons, translating dictionaries, literature and other linguistic resources for more than 100 languages. You can use the language bar at the top of the homepage to translate the entire site into any of five languages.

The Internet Public Library
Lots of information and the exhibit hall has some interesting material on jazz, photography and history. Look at the A+ Research and Writing Guide, found under the Teen menu.

Virtual Reference Desk

Lessons on everything from fractions to calculus to personal finances can be found here. Calculus has step-by-step solutions and clear explanations; Everyday Math calculates tips, sale prices and wind chill temperatures; and Data Analysis helps to organize and define numerical data. Look for the problem-solver for complex equations. Be advised that you not only get the correct answer; it explains how the answer is derived. Note: Teachers may create free online quizzes.

? Current Events Sites (frequent updating)

CNN News

? ABC News

? USA Today