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In seeking funding for the endeavor many opportunities were researched. The mission of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) was one that best matched the philosophy and site goals that were established for "MiddleSchool.Net". In 1998-99 an initial grant was obtained from ASCD (1 of the 5 awarded that year) that enabled the development of this site. The grant was again awarded for the 1999-2000 and 2000-2001 school years. This site is one of fifty-three member networks affiliated with the official (ASCD) Networks Program. You are encourage to visit the ASCD website to see what services are available for ASCD members.?

Should you have suggestions for content to incorporate into the growth plans for "MiddleSchool.Net" or others regarding resources that would help maintain this site please contact us.

Please note that this site was developed by an educator for educators. Once you use this site you will notice that much of its contents is also of interest to parents, students and anyone interested in learning and education. Should you use this site with minor children, please monitor its? usage. This is a prudent practice for all web sites that are used by children. Sites often change their contents as well as their target audiences.?

Much of the material selected for inclusion into the site was found on the internet. Other material was selected and included with permission from its developers. Please notify us should you know otherwise.

Young Esquire Horn has asked that this be stated in another way. For those of you who might enjoy reading the above phrased in a more legal fashion, here it is. Although that every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of the content of this web site and obtain consent for use of the material herein when necessary, middleschool.net and its developer: Accept no responsibility and/or liability, directly, indirectly or consequentially, for the accuracy and/or veracity of the content of any referenced site or other material and/or the suitability of the information therein for the purposes put forward. Nor do I accept liability for any damage direct indirect or consequential for the use of any materials associated with the web site. All of the above responsibilities and liabilities are resident with the visitors to the site. Should you believe that any information contained herein is inaccurate or is used without proper consent please contact us.

Please enjoy this site and may you and those you affect benefit from the contents of this web site.