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Astronomical Events

Astronomical Sky Calendar
Find out when the sun and moon rises and sets.

Sun and Moon Rise and Set
Use the Old Farmer's Almanac for the calculation of rising and setting time for the sun, moon, and planets.

A Walk through Time
Clocks and calendars from ancient to modern times.

View a comparison of calendars around the world.

Calendars Through the Ages
Calendars from different countries and historical periods.

Horology - The Index
This site is a directory of clock and watch making sites on the net.

Time Exhibits
Comprehensive site from? the U. S. Department of Commerce.

Historical Events & Birthdays

American Secular Calendar
You can find how to calculate the day and date of secular holidays beginning with 1776.

Anyway Today-in-History Page

Chamber's Book of Days, 1879
You can discover? "Miscellany of Popular Antiquities in connection with the Calendar" at this site.

Daily Almanac

Marie Time Capsule
Enter a date to find events that occurred on that day, along with popular music, the cost of living , movies and sports headlines for the year entered.

Earth Calendar
Locate events and holidays by date, country, or religion.?

On This Day( British History)

On This Day in Canadian History

On This Day
This site is from the New York Times. You will find events and birthdays, and more.

This Day in History
At this? History Channel you will find events for each day with a short article about each event. Periods you can find events for include;? the day in automotive history, Civil War, WWII, cold war, and Vietnam war history, literary history, and more.

This Week In American Indian History

Today in Women's History

This Day in Asian History

This Day in the Civil War

This Day in Rock and Roll History

Today in History
This site comes from the Library of Congress and it is a searchable archive containing events from any day of the year.

Today in Railroad History

Useless Knowledge.Com
Only if you call a quote, a word, a brain teaser, and trivia quizzes for the day useless.

Holidays and Festivals

Holidays and Observances

Indian Festivals
The festivals at this site include India and Diwali.

Kids Domain Holidays
Holiday activities, graphics, and teaching activities for the kids.

Official and Religious Mexican Holidays

Make a Calendar

Calendars by Tat
Monthly picture calendars that can be printed are at this site.

Enchanted Learning Calendars
Locate printable calendars by topic.

Religious Calendars

Celebrating the Seasons
Find the Pagan year; solstices, equinoxes and more.

Ecclesiastical Calendar
Would you like to calculate the date of Easter for a given year, and other events in the ecclesiastical year, come to this site to do so.

Judaism 101: Jewish Calendar

The Catholic Calendar Page
Here you will find a saint for each day.

The Saint of the Day

You will find timelines for history, science, technology, art, literature, popular culture, and science fiction.

Daylight Saving Time
Find out about the history, and all of the dates for clock changing through the year 2004.

Days of the Week in Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese

Mayan Calendar Tools

The Aztec Calendar
Learn about the Aztec year at this site.

The Official U.S. Time
This site is brought to you from the U. S. Government.