Student Quizzes

Amby's Brain Games & Thinking Skill Enhancers?
Logic games, brain teasers, personality and IQ tests.?

Automaths' Test Your Math Skills?

Bible Quizzes?
Quizzes, crossword puzzles Bible IQ.?

Brain Food?
Logic word and number puzzles.

D-Day Quiz?
10 questions about the historical day.

Daily SAT Question?

Eighties Music Quiz?
Online quiz of eighties music

Emotional Intelligence Test?

Quizzes on addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.?

Geographical Trivia?
Interactive quizzes on Africa, Canada, and d t USA state capitals

Grammar and Writing: Interactive Quizzes?
More than 160 interactive quizzes covering? knowledge of sentence parts, verbs, phrases, pronouns, or vocabulary.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter?
The test will information you about your temperament and character. This test is similar to the Myer-Briggs test.?

Logic QuizMaster?
Quizzes about proofs and logic.

Matching Quizzes?
Quizzes about nutrients, elements, U.S. presidents, and world leaders and much more .?

Math On-line Quizzes?
Quizzes for decimals, formulas, rationales, geometry, exponents, fractions etc.

Math Problems
Quizzes about geometry, equations, the metric system, graphing, and percents.?

Mensa International?
A 30-question quiz may be taken at this site.

Personality and IQ Tests?
Tests on IQ, love, health, or career.?

Personality Page, The?
Discover your 4-letter personality type and learn more about the types.

Personality Tests on the WWW?
Tests on temperament, values, attitudes, stress levels, and more.?

Quizzes on algebra, history, and geography plus more.

Quizzes About the Eighties?
Quizzes on music, television, and other topics from the 80's.?

Self Discovery Workshop - IQ Test?

Take The Quiz
Determine your stress level.

Winter Weather Awareness
Quiz focusing on cold weather safety.