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5 Star Shareware
This site will provide a screen shot of each program, its icon it will display, product ratings and size information. Subscribe to their newsletter to get updated on all the new programs. ?

Accelerate Your Mac
Mac performance news and reviews


Adobe Acrobat Reader

Place to get the latest additions for MacOS 8.5.

Broderbund Software

ATN Shareware Distribution

Try the free chemistry program that has the periodic table and conversion charts.

CNET Downloads
Download software from all of these categories! Business,Education,Games,Home & Personal,Internet,Multimedia & Design, Development Tools,Utilities,Drivers,Palm Pilot, Windows CE and Linux . ?

Completely Free Software
The creator of this site says he's a former software pirate gone honest.

Computer Associates


Cottonwood Software

Dave's Central Shareware Archieve
Among the offering at this site are system utilities, browser utilities, database managers and cache managers and many more. It even includes Linux.

Both sites offer huge lists of free themes. Be sure to read the detailed download and installation instructions.


Dragon Systems
Fax forwarding via e-mail.

Electronic Arts (EA)
Electronic Arts is one of the largest publisher of entertainment software for PCs and video game consoles..

Web-Based E-Mail
Sign up for one of these free serv ices and access you e-mail from anywhere. They work from any Web browser and require no configuration.

Excite Mail

Go Network Mail





Yahoo Mail

Freehound Freeware-n-Stuff
At this site you will find audio and graphics tools, desktop utilities and screen savers.

Games Domain

Learn about the Free Software Foundation.

InstallShield (IS)

Financial software packages for both the home and small business; (Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Quick Payroll).. Download trial versions of several packages, and find out about Intuit?s beta testing opportunities

Lotus offers a range of office productivity software, including Approach, Domino, ccMail, Notes, and the SmartSuite package, a collection of applications bundled together. Take online tours of the software in which you are interested, and register for free 30-day trials that let you evaluate software before purchasing.

Macs Only!
News, opinion, reviews, and troubleshooting.
Audio/MIDI information for the Mac.

Macromedia has a terrific lineup of Web creation tools. This site offers free downloads of Player plug-ins that will allow Web surfers to view special effects on the many compatible sites on the Web. Games, cartoons, and updates are also available for download..

Macromedia Shockwave


Graphics software for many purposes, including business uses and Web development. Do enter the Resource Center so you can try downloads of iGrafx Designer and Professional.



Network Associates



PC Help On Line

Plug-in Gallery & Demo Link

An unbiased guide to the lowest computer hardware and software prices on the Internet



Real Player

Red Hat
Red Hat makes one of the most popular Linux operating systems available. At the company?s Web site, buy the latest version of the software or download its source code. Click the There is a Support link on the home page to locate technical support tips, how-to help, and FAQs. D read Red Hat news and sign up for the Red Hat e-Newsletter.

Rocket Download

The Software Labs

Symantec is the home of Norton SystemWorks and AntiVirus, Quarterdeck, and other products. You will find support and product features sections, The site includes an online store and free 30-day trials for many of its products.

The Association of Macintosh Trainers
An international network of professional Macintosh computer trainers, educators and instructors.

The MacOpinion
Discussion area that also has Poll of the Week with a question for folks to vote on.

The Mac OS Zone
This site provides freeware for the Mac computer platform. For example, launcher utilities, antivirus programs, multiparty Internet conferencing tools, fonts, icon sets and games. The site also has software reviews.

Version Tracker
News on the latest updates of software. Updated several time a day.


Web Hosting Services-Free

Fortune City

Some say the best in this catagory.

ZDNet Software Library
Shareware, freeware, demos and more