integers on a number line



As an interdisciplinary project, students will demonstrate their understanding of the placement of integers on a number line.

Students will place integers on the timeline corresponding to zero, the date of their birth.

Events will relate to significant family and personal events before they were born and during their lives. In addition, students will place the publication or copyright dates of literary selections they have read throughout the year on the timeline.


  • Students collect dates by discussing personal history with family.

  • Students use TimeLiner 4.0 to create a meaningful timeline.

  • Students may use ClarisWorks graphics for illustrations.

  • Students use integers to relate events to their lives.


  • Students will accurately complete the data worksheet.

  • Students will relate literature data to their lives.

  • Students will use TimeLiner 4.0 to create an historical/standard Timeline.

  • Students will design the format to create an effective visual presentation.


  • Students collect personal data on the Data Research Worksheet.

  • Students will select five favorite literary selections from a list of core reading selections that will be provided for them.

  • Students will compute the events’ real time integers in relationship to the year they were born.

On the computer

  • Students will enter information under data view. The first entry will be the date of their birth under the WHEN heading. They will enter their full names, followed by the integer zero under the WHAT heading. Once the information from the worksheet is entered, the students may begin to customize their timelines by adjusting their fonts, sizes, and position of flags so as not to be more than three pages long.


  • Students will enhance timelines by adding personal photos or illustrations.

  • Timelines will be shared in English class, and the events will be used for future personal narratives.

  • Timelines will be displayed for parents and students to view and enjoy.

Related resources

  • TimeLiner 4.0

  • List of core literature with dates when works were published or copyrighted.

  • Personal photos and meaningful illustrations from magazines or clip art.
  • Attachment