Best Buy!!!


Students will compare prices to determine the best buy. They will collect data from
newspaper advertisements and enter the data on a spreadsheet and create a word
processing document complete with graphs to support their findings.


  • Students collect and organize data.

  • Students enter data and formulas on ClarisWorks spreadsheet.

  • Students use their spreadsheet to display results on a line graph.

  • Students use ClarisWorks word processing program complete with graphs to communicate their results.


  • Students collect data.

  • Students develop formulas to compute unit price.

  • Students communicate their results in a written document.


  • Review unit price.

  • Collect data from newspaper ads.

  • Review writing formulas for spreadsheets.

On the computer

  • Input data into a spreadsheet document include formulas for computing the unit price.
  • Using the Make Chart command, create a line graph.

  • Using the ClarisWorks word processing program, students should discuss their findings. They should include their graphs to support their conclusion.


  • Students share their findings with group members. Class discussion focuses on how the spreadsheet program can be used in mathematics.