Spreadsheet Data


The students will compile and enter different sets of data on a spreadsheet to be used in constructing scatter plots. The data will be collected by completing different stations set up in the classroom. A word processing document that describes the different correlations found will also be created.


  • Students collect, organize, describe, and analyze data.

  • Students enter data on ClarisWorks spreadsheet.

  • Students use the spreadsheet to display their results as a scatter plot.

  • Students use ClarisWorks word processing to describe the results of the data.


  • Students collect and enter data.

  • Students display data in a graphical form.

  • Students analyze data and communicate results in a written document.


  • Teacher sets up the stations in the classroom prior to the beginning of class.

  • Have students make predictions about the different possible types of correlations.

  • Students rotate in groups around the classroom, perform the necessary measurements, and record all data onto the data sheets.

On the computer

  • Transport all data to a ClarisWorks spreadsheet. (I split the class into groups, and each group completed one graph.) Once the data is recorded, follow directions for Making a Graph from a Spreadsheet. Students should create a scatter plot with the information from the stations.

  • Open a ClarisWorks word processing document. Students should type an explanation that includes the results of their graph and discusses the type of correlation of the graph. As supporting information students were to transport their graph into their word processing document where appropriate.


• Students construct the best fitting line on the scatter plot and record the equation.

  • Post the graphs in the classroom or hallway. Have a class discussion on the different results.

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