Researching Issues of Race and Gender


The class will research statistical information involving racial breakdown of the United States population by gender and ethnicity. These breakdowns could consist of issues such as population changes, number of AIDS cases, death rates and educational levels. This will give students an opportunity to use the Internet to access and analyze current data.


  • The use of the Internet is a valuable resource tool.

  • There is a correlation in various issues between race and gender.


  • Retrieve information from the Internet.

  • Record information on a data chart.

  • Create various graphs reflecting comparisons of data.

  • Use information from graphs and Internet to present conclusions to class.


  • Brainstorm, as a class activity, various issues that could be affected by race or gender.

  • From brainstorming students will, in pairs, decide on at least three issues to research.

  • Discuss various methods of researching information, such as use of the library or


  • Students will create a data chart to record information as it is gathered.

  • Review spreadsheet construction procedures with formulas.

  • Review methods of creating graphs from spreadsheets.

  • Verify that each student has a signed Internet-use permission form.

  • Assign computer seat numbers for lab.

  • Develop a list of pre-approved Internet sites.

On the computer

  • In the lab, students will access data from the Internet related to their chosen issues.

  • Students will record information on their data chart.

  • After collecting and recording data, students will enter their data onto a ClarisWorks spreadsheet.

  • From their spreadsheets, students will create a circle and a bar graph to represent their issues.


  • Students will, individually, write 5 to 10 factual statements based on their research.

  • In groups, students will make at least three observations showing correlations, if any, between the issues they researched.

  • Students will present their findings to the class.

Related resources

  • References from Census Bureau statistics.