Searching the internet for freebies can be fun and reward you with some totally free stuff. Many of the sites listed below change their contents often so become familiar with each and watch for changes.

? Judy's Tips:

Beware of requests for credit card information: I personally run from the sites that request this information. If it's free why is there a need for my credit card information? Some sites will offer a free widget and tell you that subsequent widgets will be charged to your account unless you cancel within a specific time frame. Does this sound familiar? I can just imagine how "easy" the cancellation process is. My book says "just not worth it".

Free does have some strings attached: My sainted grandfather, John Horne, once told me, "Judy there is no such thing as a free lunch". For the most part, that advice has always served me well. Many sites are hoping to entice you to become a customer or part of a customer survey. You may be asked to complete a questioner, sign up for a free newsletter (a gift that keeps on giving), get put on mailing lists, etc. Proceed with caution and leave some time in the day to read the mailings that may turn up shortly after your freebies do.

Do not use your primary e-mail address for freebies. It will quickly fill with mail that you do not want. A disposable address will allow you to throw away what you do not want.

Never volunteer more information than necessary. Free might not be worth giving away your private information.

Do not give your phone number. Type in unlisted or imagine a number.

Use the check box, should there be one, to let the vendor know that you do not wish to be on their e-mail list. No is not the default setting in most instances.


#1 Free Stuff
"The site is an index of free and trial offers available over the Internet."?'s Freebies
Site populated with links to free stuff.

Free...On the Web
Free and trial offers sponsored directly by the advertisers.

Internet Magic-Free Stuff for Teachers

Hot Coupons
Enter your zip code and print or have the site manage the coupons that are customized for you.

Jelly Belly
A popular site approximately 400,000 visitors a day come for free samples.

Totally Free Stuff
Lots of categories (29+) from which to select.

Weekly Freebie Compilation
This site also links to other sites that give away free stuff.

Start at the Business & Economy section and down to the Free Stuff link. You will have a lot to select from once you are here.

Your Daily Freebies

Weekly Freebie Compilation
Site populated with links to free stuff.