Alternative Medicine

A word of caution as you visit these sites: be skeptical but open-minded. Look to see if any of the claims made there are backed by scientific evidence derived from the scientific process. If you do not find such evidence, it does not mean that the claims are inaccurate, however, you may wish to follow-up with further investigation on your own.

Ask Dr. Weil
Check this site daily for Dr. Weil answers one consumer question each day. However, there is an archival database with questions and answers previously asked. Books, bulletins and newsletters and self-help information can also be found here. Be sure to use the Herbal Medicine Cabinet to find out which herbs you should purchase for each of the seasons. There is also a Vitamin Advisor to help you decide which vitamins to take based on your health and lifestyle.

Healthworld Online
This site contains information on wellness, fitness, nutrition, illnesses, alternative medicine, self-care and family health. You will find links to organizations, a practitioner referral network, newsletters and discussion groups.

Cooking, nutrition, health and fitness tips are found at this site. The information presented is a combination of conventional and alternative medicine.