Visit this e-zine. There is a Monthly Officious Taste Test, a blind taste test conducted by readers. Also find articles that offer advice on spotting an imitation Cuban, cigar. You will enjoy the contests and perhaps participate in e-zone surveys, Look for the Celebrity Interviews, Events Calendar and take a virtual tour of the National Cigar Museum.

Cigar Aficionado
Related to the print magazine by the same name, look for the Cigar Ratings, reviews of cigar-friendly restaurants, cigar-smoking celebrities art, jewelry, music fashion, gambling, and sports.

Cigar Weekly
First Look section includes a Buyers Guide, a Bookstore, a Forums/Chat area as well as Archives of earlier resources.

Internet Cigar Group
Terrific resources for cigar smokers. There is a Chat Room, Message Boards, FAQs and a Cigar Brand Database. Do not miss the Homemade Humidor Page.

Smoke Magazine Online
Lots of features and columns, celebrities, reviews and the cigar lifestyle. The Smoke Ticker will bring you cigar-related news. The Cigar Review Database will enable you to easyly find information on cigar brands. You may also purchase humidors, accessories and other products in the site's Online Shopping Guide.

The Cigar Label Gazette
Artwork found on cigars and cigar boxes have become a hot collectable. Read articles and find information about meetings and events for label collectors.

Find out the results of tests and ranks of dozens of cigars each month. The blind smoke test results may prove interesting to you. The site also contains a Brand of the Month, a Featured Cigar and the ability for you to participate in a survey.