Mind Tools: How to Manage Stress
The Mind Tools site will help you examine and learn how to better manage personality traits that generate too much stress. It will help you examine environmental, lifestyle and job-related factors that sometime cause tension. Learn coping techniques, such as keeping a stress diary, using imagery and time-management tools and others

Stress Free Net
This is a network of health professionals. They provide a host of confidential services ,(example,diagnosis to advice to referrals to local therapists). Take the Vulnerability Test to determine your stress tolerance. Another feature to be found here is the ability to e-mail a psychologist with your questions Ask the Psychologist). Check out the section called You Be The Therapist where you gain insight into others' problems..

Townstead International
Although this is a commercial site there is an abundance of information to help you cope in today's high-tech, high-pressure world. Take some of stress tests to analyze your physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and social well-being. You will find daily activates to help you relieve stress every day.