Want to send an E-card? Unsure if the recipient has E-mail? Then this site may be for you. These computer-generated cards travel by regular mail. Select? a prefab card, choose from Art Today's 480,000 plus images, or you may even upload your own image or photo. Customize greeting and address; AmazingMail.com then will print and mail your e-cards for about one dollar each. Bottom line: Family and friends don't even need a computer to receive an e-card from you.

This site encourages you to stylize your electronic invitations with bells and whistles which include sound clips. Guests are instantly e-mailed a link to Evite.com - no waiting for the postal mail. Guests click on the link to view the invitation, RSVP and they may even check out the guest list. Options enable you to request e-mail notification when a guest responds and program specific invites to be sent on a regular basis (i.e., for a weekly coffee hour).

Senada.com has a selection of more than 50 events and accompanying graphics to suit each. Users can upload other graphics to their e-invite or edit existing ones. There is an Express option that streamlines the sending process for those in a hurry.

The site contains a list of invitations, from birthdays to fund-raisers. There are links to gift-oriented sites, under Shop section.

You surely will find just the right card from over? 5,000 cards in 18 categories, that reside at this site. Visitors may upload photos, add voice greetings/ There is also the option of using the? personal address book and reminder services provided by the site..