Fraud Busters

Use the sites listed below before you invest or purchase to avoid problems. The sites may also help you after you have experienced consumer problems. The sites listed below will provide you with information on companies, consumer rights and fraud prevention.

Better Business Bureau
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure Check the business report database of this site for complaints before you do business. If you need help, the online complaint form makes it easy to report a problem with a business.

This site rates online merchants based on point-of-purchase evaluations from actual customers. The report cards provide grades and other useful information, including customer service numbers and company return policies.

Consumer Information Center
The Consumer Information Center is the spot to go to in order to view comprehensive materials on all types of materials. Its materials can be ordered by mail for a reasonable charge. The Consumer News will help keep you informed on new scams, safety tips, ways to save, and more.

Consumer Reports Online
A for fee service, however, this online version of the Consumer Reports magazine still we let you read some articles free.

Consumer World
Lots of links to many helpful and informative sites.

Internet Scanbusters
Updated monthly information. Free e-mail updates and information about the the latest internet hoaxes.

Public Citizen
This organization was founded by Ralph Nader in 1971. It is a site rich in resources for consumers.

The Consumer Law Page
Information on consumer issues, articles on assorted legal topics, free brochures, and links to other online resources relating to consumer law can be found at this site.

The National Consumers League
This organization's site provides some protections in the following areas:
The Internet Fraud Watch focusing on internet scam protection.
Child labor abuses
Healthcare practices
Telemarketing scams
The Internet Fraud Watch focusing on internet scam protection.
The Elder Fraud Project offers good cautionary tips for seniors
NFIC's site provide a toll-free hotline to phone in reports.