PIM (Personal Information Manager)

Often PIM's are referred to in terms of calendar, organizer, and scheduling schedule module. These little babies will help you keep your professional and personal life in control. There are many to select from. view several and remember they are usually "not one size fits all".

Judy's tips:

Decide if your PIM will be software or an electronic based PIM. Software folks need read no further.

Online PIMs have certain advantages. Due to their online nature more that one person may view your calendar (per your permission). They may be accessed from any computer with web access. They are immune from your computer's problems (hard drive crashes, other bad stuff, etc.)

Here are some other things to consider as you select the perfect PIM:

Some of the products listed will vary as to how alarms are handled.

Some of the PIMs will give you free accounts and others will not.

Some have bookmark features others do not. This is a nice feature for those of you using several different machines.

Import, Export and Synchronization Features
This may be important for folks that wish to transfer information back and forth to their desktop machines.

Searchable Features
Some feel this to be important.

Industrial Strength PIMs
Some PIMs allow collective calendar features as well as email reminders for events and meetings to some or all members.

Internet Intergration
Some PIMs offer integration with internet features such as online maps, search features, news headlines and more. Watch for this type of service to be increased in future generations of PIMs.

Security Concerns:
Although most PIMs offer password protection, you might want to consider another medium if password integrity is very important to you.

Your At the Mercy of Someone Else's Technology:
Slow modems and an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that experience downtime might prevent you from accessing your needed information.

Both individual and group organization allowed.

my PhoneBook
This site has many ways of organizing your contacts. You can even sort and group contacts in different ways. A synchronization feature exists and the ability to upload address books from other sources such as Outlook are of few of its features.

Schedule Online

It has been said that this is a good site for students as well as adults desiring simplicity and fun. The use of colors and stickers help make it so. You have e-mail, reminder capability and e-mail messaging for event notification.

Not only do you get a PIM, you get free storage space at this site. It has a e-mail account, bookmark feature, synchronization, calendar and more.

Yahoo! Calendar
This is a must to consider. Everything that you ever wanted or needed.