Social Studies

World War II


World War II

United States Memorial Museum
Visit this web version of the Washington D. C. memorial. You will find text material, animations, maps and documents to help students better understand the topic.

Radio News - listen to original broadcasts of the time

The Women's Army Corps
An essay from Judith A. Bellafaire detailing the first women (other than nurses ) to serve within the United States Army There were over 150,000 during WWII. Photos are included.

The Nazi Occupation of Poland

U-boats - includes information on all of the German U-boats

What did you do in the War, Grandma?

Women Come to the Front


A Teacher's Guide To The Holocaust
Wonderful site that divides the topic into three major categories: Timeline, People and The Arts. The site map is a good place to start with its outline of the 35 topics covering everything relating to the Holocaust. You will find links to photographs and almost unlimited information throughout the various sections. The Activities section presents lesson plans appropriate for middle and high school students.

Simon Wiesenthal Center
This center was founded in 1977 in the name of Simon Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor that helped bring Nazi war criminals to trial for their crimes. You may take a virtual tour of the renowned Museum of Tolerance. The Multimedia Learning Center contains documents, photos and facts.

The History Place: Holocaust Timeline
A month by month accounting of the Holocaust, from 1933 to 1961.

The Nizkor Project
Created in part to monitor and respond to falsehoods and misinformation about the Nazi regime and the Holocaust, The Nizkor Project exists to refute false stories and misinformation that exists regarding the Holocaust. It also serves as a guide to Holocaust camps and the Nuremberg trials. In order to accomplish this factual reports, documents and essays are referenced. The site also includes transcripts of Adolph Eichmann's trial.