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Civil War

19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, CSA
Here you will find the history, muster roll, flags, letters, reports and photos. of this regiment ?

Rare Map Collection-American Civil War
31 different rare maps of the battles and Civil War locales.

Selected Civil War Photographs
Site of the Library of Congress' American Memory photo archive.

The Civil War
Site contains an overview and timeline of the war, a summary of major battles, documents, photos, etchings, and more. There is also a forum allowing participants to post notes online.

Civil War Timeline

Civil War Center
Civil War site

Civil War Home Page
Primary source material.

Selected Civil War Photographs

The Civil War Artillery Page
The site contains descriptions and drawings of weapons, equipment and ammunition and more.

The United States Civil War Center
Links to other sites.

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War
View the war from the perspective of two communities from opposing sites, Augusta County, VA(Confederate), and Franklin County, PA (Union). You will participate via reading newspapers, letters, diaries, church records, maps, military rosters, and census and agricultural data. What better source for utilizing primary source materials.

US Civil War Center
The site contains information about battles, biographies of leaders on both sides, pictures, maps and information about organizations that stage battle recreations.


From the Reconstruction page from the Confederate Military History Page. The warning is made in the beginning that it has a strong Southern slant (very un-politically correct). But it is still a well-done 12-part page.