Animals, Insects and Arachnids


Animals, Insects & Arachnids
Microbiology Sites
Human Body

Animals, Insects and Arachnids

Bat Unit

Electronic Resources on Lepidoptera
Information about butterflies and moths as well as a comprehensive set of pointers to other sources of electronic information on lepidoptera..

Monarchs and Migration
pictures, links, info on investigating butterflies and migration, and much more at this site from the Science Museum of Minnesota.

Crocodile Site

Guide to North American Snakes

Insects Hotlist
Images, teacher resources, background information, and facts.

Created by S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc., manufacturer of Off insect repellent.

Nanoworld Image Gallery
View of microscopic images.

On-line Insectarium

Orkin Bug Guide
Facts about the most common home invaders.

Reptiles in the Classroom

Sea Turtle Satellite Tracking Program
Follow migratory movements of endangered sea turtles tracked by satellite.

SeaWorld/Bush Gardens
Database of animal information.

Sound Safaris
Sounds of some of the wildest animals on Earth.

Spiders Site

University of Kentucky Entomology Home Page
Resources and basic information about insects and their relatives and activities with different insect themes.

Microbiology Sites

Advanced Placement Biology



Cellular and Molecular Biology Online

Great Plant Escape
A journey into the world of plants with Detective LaPlant

Human Body

Guided Tour of the Visible Human

The Heart: An Online Exploration

Human Anatomy Online

The Human Body, Java-style

National Library of Medicine

Project Neuron
A NASA project regarding the brain in space.

Seeing, Hearing and Smelling the Worl

Virtual Hospital
A site from the U. of Iowa Hospitals with links to diagnostic sites.