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Columbus Day

The Columbus Letter

Medieval Sourcebook: Christopher Columbus : Extracts from Journal

1492 Exhibit


DLTK's Halloween Crafts for Kids

Teachers.Net Lesson Exchange: Harvest / Pumpkin Poems and Songs


Armistice Day



Thanksgiving. United States November 25

Berkeley Plantation
This is the site of first official Thanksgiving. Plantation home on the James River, Virginia

Thanksgiving on the Net - The Pilgrims and America's First Thanksgiving

All About Thanksgivings

"A Boy's Thanksgiving Day" (Poem by Lydia Maria Child)

Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

Billy Bear's Thanksgiving

Bountiful Thanksgiving on

Veterans Day

Lemoore, CA Veteran's Day Page

Military District of Washington
Come here for the US Army Band, 3rd US Infantry, Arlington National Cemetery and conducts ceremonies for the president and national leaders.

Arlington National Cemetery

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Page



Luke 2:1-20 (English-NIV)


Christmas Traditions in France and Canada

Inisrael Nazareth City


KD Craft Exchange - Christmas Crafts

Christmas in Poland

Santa's Workshop


The Twelve Days of Christmas

Wacky Anne's Christmas Library

Clement Clark Moore; Reluctant Mythmaker

Holidays on the NET

An Online Christmas Songbook ?

Michael's Crafts Projects

Christmas on the Net -

Christmas Music and Song Lyrics on

Silent Night Web


Ramadan and More?

Al=Quran | The Book of Guidance for All Mankind
E-text of The Koran

Islamic Holidays and Observances

Ramadan, the Fasting Month for Muslims [Dec. 8, 1999-Jan. 6, 2000
You may send or see a Ramadan card at this site.

Ramadan on the Net
Read the Ramadan; Muhammad and the Holy Quran; The Muslim Faith;
The Five Pillars of Faith; books from Amazon, or send a greeting card.

Essentials of Ramadan, the Fasting Month

Mawlid Al Nabi or Ma'uled Al-Nabi [Islamic, Muslim, Moslem] June 25, 1999
This site is a celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam