Holidays and Celebrations



Martin Luther King Day?

Martin Luther King Jr.
From Seattle Times; The Man; The Movement; The Legacy;?
The Holiday; Electronic Classroom; Talking about It

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site
This site contains the King Assassination Trial Transcript

Martin Luther King Jr. Resources

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quiz with Kids

A Conversation with Rev. Bernice King -- January 15, 1997
Read the interview with Dr. King's daughter.

New Year's Day

Auld Lang Syne
Read about the story of this song from The Burns Encyclopedia.

Happy New Year
A New Year history and celebrations that starts with the Babylonians.

Tournament of Roses
Information about the? Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl Game

Chinese New Year and More

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

China Holidays
This site is an adoption site that also provides information on the Chinese holidays for perspective adoptive parents.

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Qu Yuan the Poet. Dragon Boat Festival
Origin, story, other information


Black History Month

African-American Odyssey
American Memory project of the Library of Congress.?

Black History Month: Exploring African-American issues on the Web?
"This Web site was created to support students as they explore topics related to Black History and African-American issues. A wide variety of Internet-based activities are listed below that individual students or whole classes can use... If you're looking for the fact gathering kind of learning, try the Black History Treasure Hunt."

Images of African Americans from the Nineteenth Century

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Online

Abraham Lincoln (from the White House site)

First Inaugural Address, 1861

Second Inaugural Address, 1865

The History Place Presents Abraham Lincoln

George Washington

First Inaugural Address, 1789

George Washington Papers, 1741-1799

Historic Mount Vernon
This is the official Web site for Mount Vernon, George Washington's home.?

Second Inaugural Address, 1793

Groundhog Day

FYI about Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day
Read about the? history of this day from Information Please's Factmonster.

Groundhog Day Official Web Site
Site from the? home of Punxsutawney Phil.

Wiarton Wille
Read about this official Canadian weather groundhog.

Groundhog Day
Interesting story of Groundhog Day brought to you by the Stormfax Weather Almanac.

Groundhog Day and Chinese Astronomy
This is an essay from the Philosophy of Science collection by Kelley L. Ross, PhD.

Come to the Groundhog Day Party

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras from

Mardi Gras on the Net
Learn the history of the Mardi Gras celebration at this site.

Official Mardi Gras Home Page?
Virtual Bourbon Street, broadcasts of the parades, and much more.

Presidents' Day


Valentine's Day

Amore' on the Net ?
Send a free valentine.

Saint Valentine
Read about Saint Valentine.

The History of Valentine's Day ?
Site from the History Channel.

Tokens of Love?
Victorian valentines from the collection of Malcolm Warrington


St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day?
Read about the legends of St. Patrick the shamrock, parades and other celebrations, etc.

St. Patrick's Day
Information about St. Patrick and Ireland from InfoPlease.

St. Patrick's Festival ?
Find out how St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in different parts of Ireland and around the world.

St. Patrick's Day?
This site includes customs, traditions and history of St. Patrick's Day.