Holidays and Celebrations April May June

Holidays and Celebrations



Arbor Day

April Fools!

April Fools Day Postcard

Earth Day

Earth Day 2001

Alexandria Earth Day

John McConnell, Founder of Earth Day

Lesson Exchange. Earth Day Ideas


Easter Facts

Suzetta's Christian Legends & Symbols

Notes on the Orthodox Ecclesiastical Calendar

Easter Card

Eggs with Flair

Easter Customs of the Carpatho-Rusyn People


Images of Easter

The Kitchen Link - Easter Recipe Hunt


Kosher 4 Passover
Passover resources from the Web. Also a video on how matzoh is made, and a webcam where you can visit the Western Wall.

Pesach archives from YomTov ?

Passover on the Net
This is an online reference to Passover, including recipes, music, and more.


Cinco de Mayo & More

Official & Religious Mexican National Holidays

Mexican Holidays
You will find a calendar from The Mexico Travel Guide at this site.

Cinco de Mayo

Dia de los Muertos | Day of the Dead

Halloween on the Net - Days of the Dead
You will locate informaation about the? celebration, music, books & videos list from

Mexico's Days of the Dead?

Mother's Day

Girl's World Mom-a-thon

Mother's Day on the Net ?

Story of Mother's Day from Mother's Day on the Net


Father's Day


Father's Day on the Net .

Medal or trophy card?

National Center for Fathering

Flag Day

Flag Etiquette

The Betsy Ross Home Page
Visit this official site of the Betsy Ross House.? ?

The Star Spangled Banner House Activity
A list of suggested activities for students from Montgomery County, Maryland Public Schools visiting the Star Spangled Banner House. This may be adapted for any class studying the story of the American flag.

U.S. Flag Home Page
This site contains graphics and text on flag history and etiquette, Read an account of the events surrounding the writing of the national anthem.