Special Thanks

 AGFA SnapScan has made it possible for MiddleSchool.Net ™ to have access to scan technology. A vist to their web site will yield you product information.


GIF Wizard 's product has compressed MiddleSchool.Net™ images so that they load more quickly into your browser. You may examine their product at their website.


LinkAlarm, Inc. has supported this site by providing us access to their link checking service. Educational sites may avail themself of a 30 % special discount. Visit their site for a free test drive of this service.


LinkExchange has provided MiddleSchool.Net ™ with ListBot, the online tool that enables site visitors to join our mailing list.. Visit their site to signup for your own free ListBot account.


Caere Software of Los Gatos, California, has greatly assisted management of this site by supplying us with several of their software products. A visit to their site will let you view their product line.

Blue Squirrel has provided MiddleSchool.net a copy of WebWacker. This product has allowed us to demonstrate the web site at conferences which have not had live internet connections. The web site was "wacked" in advanced and shown latter without being connected to the internet.