Great Social Studies Worksheets

In middle school, students have to take courses in social studies. Some of the common topics in social studies at the middle school level include: United States history, world history, government, and geography. To help the students develop a better understanding of the topics, middle school teachers are encouraged to use social studies worksheets to complement the lessons. Here is a resource page to find the best social studies worksheets for middle school students.

United States History

The history of the United States is filled with colorful characters and monumental events. By studying the history of the United States, middle school students would develop an appreciation of their heritage and gain a better understanding of how the country progressed through political and social changes. Some of the common topics in United States history include: the American Revolution, the Civil War, colonization, U.S. Presidents, and civil rights. The social studies worksheets for these topics can be found below.

  • George Washington: The worksheet has a number of questions on the first President of the United States.
  • American Civil War: Students are required to use this worksheet to summarize the event.
  • Comprehension: The module has a comprehensive worksheet on the Civil War starting on page 20.
  • Crossword: Test the student’s knowledge of the American Revolution with this puzzle.
  • Boston Tea Party: Use this worksheet to find out how much the students know about this historic event.
  • Andrew Jackson: A worksheet on the 7th President of the United States.
  • English Colonies: The exercise introduces students to the social structure of Colonial America.
  • Review Material: Review material is excellent worksheet for quiz on US history.

World History

It is also important for middle school students to learn about world history. Students will gain an understanding of how the current world is shaped by important world events of the past affect the world we live in today. Some of the common topics in world history include: World War I, World War II, ancient history, the Age of Exploration, Medieval Europe, and the Renaissance. Here are some worksheets that cover these topics.

  • Renaissance: The worksheet introduces the Renaissance period with some questions at the end.
  • Ancient History: In this worksheet, students are expected to provide answers to a series of questions.
  • World War I: Good collection of worksheets on World War I.
  • Print & Do: A number of interesting worksheets which shed light on ancient history in many parts of the world.
  • World War II: A lesson plan on the origins of the war with a worksheet at the end.
  • Age of Exploration: A resource page with links to worksheets on the Age of Exploration.
  • Ancient Greece: Very tough worksheet on Ancient Greece.
  • Feudal Europe: The handout tests students’ knowledge on Feudal Europe.


The government is an integral entity in the Unites States. When middle school students learn about the government, they develop a clearer idea of how the country is run and governed. Middle school students need to learn about the U.S. Constitution, the three branches of government, the executive branch, voting, laws, and the Amendments. Check out these social studies worksheets on these topics.

  • American Democracy: True and False worksheet on the principles of American democracy.
  • 3 Branches of Government: The worksheet tests students’ knowledge on the topic.
  • US Government: A number of worksheets covering many aspects of the US government.
  • US Constitution: This handout tests the students’ in-depth understanding of the US Constitution.
  • Constitution Worksheet: An elaborate worksheet on the US Constitution.
  • Amendments: A series of worksheets with questions on the First Amendment to the Tenth Amendment.
  • American Government: The education module provides a number of worksheets on the principles of American government.

World Geography

By studying world geography, students will understand that there are other countries and different people around the world. Some of the topics in world geography are countries, cities, maps, continents, and cultures. Here are some worksheets that cover these topics.

  • Countries & Languages: Students are tested on what languages are spoken in different countries.
  • Mexico: Use this worksheet to help students learn more about Mexico.
  • World Map: Printable blank world map worksheet for teachers to teach about the countries of the world.
  • Populous Cities: The worksheet allows students to learn more about the most populous cities in the world.
  • World Cities: Interesting worksheet that tests students’ knowledge on cities in the world.
  • Continents: In this exercise, students would have to label the continents.
  • Cultures: Students will explore more about cultures in this handout.