Physical Education Lesson Plans

Physical education is a course, or class, that is taken to incorporate movement learning in a play or movement exploration setting. More recently than ever, trends have developed to increase the number of activities that are in the physical education curriculum. This article discusses what is involved in creating a physical education curriculum for students in middle school. It also discusses how to develop your own lesson plans and how to incorporate or make adjustments to pre-made physical education lesson plans.


A number of activities are incorporated into the physical education curriculum when dealing with middle school students. These are the type of activities that are fun and can be challenging for some students. Some of the lesson plans include activities in basketball, field games, dance and rhythm, Frisbee and fun and fitness circles. Some additional activities include hockey, golf, jump rope, soccer, track and field, softball and volleyball. When dealing with children at the middle school age, it is important to realize that they do not have the same level of endurance as students would if they were older.

Lesson Plans

When developing your own physical education lesson plan for your middle school students, you have to first take into account their endurance level. They are not going to be able to stay active at a high level for the entire class period, so you will need to break up the activity so that they have frequent water breaks. Also, take into account whether the activity and lesson plans are being done before school, during class or after school as intramural activities. If the lesson plan is begin done outside of class, you can incorporate more time into the learning process.

Another thing that needs to be considered when making a lesson plan for your middle school students is the incorporation of group activities. You want them to be able to participate in physical fitness activities while interacting with the other students. The learning process is a collective task. The lesson plan may need some adjusting according to each student’s abilities.

Ready-Made Lesson Plans

Ready-made, or pre-made, physical education lesson plans are available online. There are many websites that offer free lesson plans for a variety of activities for your middle school students. You can also obtain lesson plans from websites that charge a fee. Usually, this fee is either per physical education lesson plan or per month.

When deciding on whether to obtain a physical education lesson plan that is already made in comparison to making your own lesson plan, there are some things that need to be reviewed. You need to make sure that the lesson plans entail all objectives that you wish for the students to come out of the class learning. If you need to make adjustments, you can add or subtract from the activities and lessons that come with the lesson plan that you obtained online. Free lesson plans are ideal in place of lesson plans for a price unless you are familiar with the particular seller.

Additional Resources

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