Online English Tutors

Like math, English uses different formulas and principles, especially in grammar and structure. Learning all of the different rules and principles of English can be challenging and students may struggle to understand all that is involved in English. This is why some parents and teachers feel it is beneficial to seek the help of an English tutor. Hiring someone to come into your student may be costly and time consuming; however, there are tutoring resources and services available on the Internet that may be helpful for very little cost. There are online English tutoring programs and services that can be just as useful as private tutoring. Finding a tutor that will specialize in English to suit the child’s needs is crucial to the child’s academic success.


Grammar can be difficult for many students, because there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed. Grammar is important because it is what makes it possible for people to read and understand what is being presented correctly. It also ensures that the meaning of the work is being conveyed correctly; using incorrect grammar can change the meaning of a statement. An English tutor would be able to take the time and teach a child about different tools and skill-building techniques to reinforce classroom material.


Reading can get difficult for children as they go farther along in school. Problems can range from not knowing what a word means, to not understanding being able to put words together correct to form correct sentences. An English tutor may be able to break reading down into smaller, easier sections, so that the child can better understand exactly what they are reading. If the child does not like to read, an English tutor can usually turn reading into a game to make reading more of something the child wants to do, instead of something they have to do.

Speech and Presentation

Students may be required to give presentations for a class or give a speech; it is important they are comfortable and prepared to do so. This can be very difficult for children, especially if they suffer from a speech problem or have a fear of presenting to a group. An English tutor may be able to coach a child in different areas of presenting and speaking in front of a class, and help them gain the confidence needed to succeed. An English tutor may take the time to role-play and rehearse with the child to make him or her feel more comfortable presenting in a classroom setting and overcome any fears of public speaking.