Middle School Math Worksheets

Many middle school students struggle in their math classes. It’s no wonder because math gets a lot tougher in comparison to the fundamentals learned in elementary school. This is why middle school teachers use a lot of math worksheets to help the students develop a deeper understanding of the topics. By testing the students in various problem sets related to the topics, they would learn how the concepts work. Here’s a resource page on the best middle school math worksheets:


One of the greatest challenges for middle school students is the study of fractions. This can be a difficult topic because there are many variations and operations. Typically, fractions worksheets require the students to solve various problems related to the topic. Some of these problems involve subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, comparison, and so on. Here are some worksheets on fractions.

  • Multiplying Fractions: Students have to complete the problems in the simplest form.
  • Additions: A series of questions to test the ability of students in adding fractions.
  • Comparing Fractions: In this worksheet, students have to arrange the fractions and mixed numbers from least to greatest value.
  • Dividing Fractions: A number of problems to test students on dividing fractions.
  • Generator: Use this tool to generate different sets of fraction problems according to difficulty level.
  • Subtracting Fractions: The worksheet tests students on subtraction of fractions.
  • Conversions: Students have to convert mixed fractions into improper fractions.
  • Multiplying: A series of problems involving multiplication of fractions.
  • Equivalent Fractions: Tests students on the topic of equivalent fractions.
  • Common Denominator: Students have to put these fractions over a common denominator.
  • Adding Fractions: Another worksheet where students have to add fractions.
  • Compare Fractions: In this exercise, students have to compare the values of fractions.


Some students find geometry fascinating but others may not be so interested. Nevertheless, all curriculums require middle school students to study geometry. In plane geometry, students learn about shapes, area, Pythagoras’ Theorem, polygons, angles, trigonometry, and so on. In solid geometry, students learn about three-dimensional objects such as: cubes, prisms, pyramids, spheres, cylinders, cones, and so on. Here are some of the best middle school math worksheets on these topics.

  • Geometry: Covers parallelogram, triangle, area, volume, circles, and more.
  • Triangles: In this worksheet, students have to calculate the area and perimeter of triangles.
  • Pythagorean Theorem & Converse: For each triangle, find the value of the missing side.
  • Perimeter: Calculate the perimeter of various polygons.
  • Angles: A series of problems to test the student’s understanding of angles.
  • Classifying Triangles: In this exercise, students have to identify various types of triangles.
  • Measuring Angles: Trains students to measure angles with a protractor.
  • Worksheets: A good collection of worksheets on angles, polygons, lines, plane figures, and more.
  • Labeling Triangles: Students have to label the sides of each triangle.
  • Volume & Surface Area: In this worksheet, students are required to find the volume and area surface of various three-dimensional objects.
  • Cylinders: A simple exercise to test the student’s knowledge of cylinders.
  • Circles: Students have to calculate the radius, area, diameter or circumference of each circle.

Basic Algebra

Algebra is one of the most complicated topics in the middle school math curriculum. Many middle school students have problems in understanding the basics so they cannot solve the more complicated problems. However, the secret to master algebra is simply practice, and lots of practice. This is why it’s so helpful to have worksheets. Some of the common topics in algebra include various mathematical operations in algebra expressions, solving equations, formulas and literal equations, and applied verbal problems. Here are some worksheets on middle school algebra.

  • Generator: Use this tool to generate various algebra worksheets.
  • Inverse Relationships: Multiplication and division problems on the topic.
  • Variable Expressions: Students have to compute a number of variable expressions.
  • Algebra Challenge: Challenge students to complete the problems as quickly as possible.
  • Worksheets: Simple tool to help teachers create algebra worksheets according to number of problems.
  • Algebra: Another place to generate free printable algebra worksheets.
  • More Worksheets: Come here to create worksheets on factoring polynomials and systems of linear equations.
  • Basic Algebra: Suitable for beginning algebra students.
  • Beginning Algebra: Covers real numbers, equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, and more.
  • Algebraic Equations: Solve simple algebra problems.
  • Algebra Expression: Worksheet with problems on integer with 2 variables.