All Men Are Created Equal


Students will research an Internet web site (WebQuest: All Men Are Created Equal) to gain a better understanding of the experiences of the Cherokee, Japanese, and African-American people during their struggle for respect and tolerance. Students will then create a newspaper containing a news account and an editorial about one of the three groups.


  • Develop research skills of extracting information from several sources and using it in a newspaper format.
  • Increase their comfort level using ClarisWorks.


  • Research and locate pertinent information.
  • Identify examples of discrimination.
  • Gain a better understanding of how intolerance has shaped the events of history.


  • Study the history of the Declaration of Independence using the textbook and other school media center resources.
  • Conduct class discussions on intolerance and discrimination in our society.

On the computer

  • Using the Internet, students will use the WebQuest site ( to research one of the three time periods in All Men Are Created Equal.
  • Students take notes from historical accounts to create news stories and to write an editorial about one of the time periods.
  • Students use the attachment, “ClarisWorks in Social Studies” (File: Heroeswork) to create the newsletter. The activity includes the opportunity to experiment with importing Clip Art.


  • During a subsequent class, students will present and exchange their newsletters .

Related resources

  • ClarisWorks Manual - creating a newsletter.
  • File: Heroeswork.