Bill of Rights


In groups of four students will research one of the Bill of Rights. Students will discover how their amendment relates to society and how it affects them personally.

  • Use Internet to research a topic.
  • Integrate the use of technology as a vehicle for presenting information.
  • Import information into multimedia project using a variety of sources such as scanner, desktop video camera, and laser disc.


  • Research and locate pertinent information.
  • Identify the personal freedoms the Bill of Rights grants.
  • Connect amendment to a current news story.
  • Present information in a multimedia format using Hyperstudio.


  • Each group will choose an amendment for their presentation.
  • Teacher shows a sample Hyperstudio project and shows students how to perform basic functions of Hyperstudio.
  • Allow one day for students to work/play on Hyperstudio to learn how to use and discover the capabilities of Hyperstudio.
  • Take students to the library to research their amendment. ( Books, periodicals, SIRS Researcher, CD-Roms and Internet.)
  • Give students useful Internet addresses.
  • Students create detailed story board.

On the computer

  • Using Hyperstudio, students will create Hyperstudio stack for their amendment. Which will include the following: Title Card, amendment, amendment written in everyday language, rights and restrictions of the amendment, illustration/cartoon and a connection to a current news story.


  • Students will rotate around the classroom to view and evaluate the other projects.
  • Groups will present their project to the class.

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