Plan a U.S. Presidentís world itinerary


The purpose of this activity is to have small groups of students to plan a U.S. President’s world itinerary and to present a press release announcing the economic and international importance of this itinerary.


  • develop research skills by gathering information from a variety of sources
  • develop maps that show the President’s itinerary schedule
  • students will learn how to use the scanner so they can scan in maps to be added to their press releases


  • research and locate pertinent information
  • locate countries and their heads of state that will be visited by the president
  • draft a press release to announce the forthcoming Presidential mission


  • discuss in class the importance of Presidential travel aboard for example, President Clinton’s itinerary on his spring 1998 trip to Africa or his summer 1998 trip to China
  • group time to brainstorm possible countries and schedules the President might take based on current global conditions
  • school library for at least 2 days for research and use of the Internet
  • demonstration on how to use the scanner

On the computer

  • create a database with the following information: day of travel, country, head of state to be visited, reasons for visit, desired outcomes of visit
  • use of Internet resources
  • use of word processing for itinerary agenda and press release
  • use of scanner to incorporate maps as part of the itinerary agenda


  • group presentation of vital information dealing with the countries the president will visit and the press release

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