Motion Through the Ages

Motion Through the Ages

Course(s)/Subject(s): Physical Science

Grade Level(s): 8

Key Words: Motion, Planetary Motion, Gravity

Developer(s) Name: Terry Rockwell

School: Sandburg Middle School

Approximate Time Frame: 1 class period

Materials/Equipment Needed: Computer, Internet

Description of Lesson (includes context): Motion through the Ages


  1. What is the objective of this lesson?
    * to learn the development of man's understanding of motion from Aristotle to the present
    * to make interdisciplinary links among the physical science units of Motion, Forces and
    Energyand Earth-Moon-Sun Systems

FCPS POS Standards:8:18 :2

FCPS POS Benchmarks: 8.1.8

VA POS Indicators:
8.1.8-3apply the concepts of speed, velocity, and acceleration when describing motion

SOL(s) (including Computer/Technology):
SOL's C/T8.2



  1. What will we examine as evidence of students' knowledge and/or skill?
    Product(s): the students will produce a historical/motion time line of man's growth in the
    concepts of motion -planetary motion

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Performance(s)using the Internet as the source for doing this research



  1. What exactly will the students and teacher do during the lesson?

Directions to students for proceeding with the lesson:

  1. Open Microsoft Explorer
  2. Type in the following online address:
  3. Hit return
  4. Click onMotion Quiz
  5. Take the Overall Quiz
  6. Click Back to open page
  7. Select Motion
  8. Scroll Motion gathering all the necessary information for this assignment
  9. Aristotle's concept of Earth Motion & Outer space motion
  10. Galileo's concept of Motion & Planetary Motion
  11. Newton's concept of Motion, Gravity and the Planet's orbits
  12. * if time permits click on Radiation and Light & Energy for Einstein's concepts

Directions to teacher/administrator using the lesson?

  1. The students have completed the following:
  2. Lab. Bk. Graphing Your Motion
  3. Lab. Bk. Keep on Truckin'
  4. Text Bk. Glencoe Chapter3.13.23.4
  5. The Section Wrap for each of the above chapter sections
  6. Text Bk. chapter review questions #16 - 25
  7. Viewed the Glencoe Laser Disc: side 1 Motion and completed the Work Sheet that goes
    with this
  8. Solved problems on Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
  9. Used the CD-ROM Science Encyclopedia - Newton gathering the necessary
    information for the Newton biography assignment, emphasizing the force of gravity,the
    three laws of motion, the books PrincipiMathematics & Optick


  1. What options in presentation(s) and/or response(s) are suggested in order to provide the opportunity for all students to demonstrate achievement of the benchmark(s) and indicator(s)?

Have printed copies of this Internet information (for those who may need them)
Encourage students to stay after school to do it with you
Refer students to the proper level encyclopedia book
Use the CD-ROM Science Encyclopedia and click on Aristotle, Galileo and Newton