Science Related Career

Science Related Career

Course(s)/Subject(s):Investigating Matter and Energy

Grade Level(s):8

Key Words:careers, technology

Developer(s) Name:Linda Doyle

School:LakeBraddock Middle School

Attached Files:ChoosingCareerPath

Approximate Time Frame:2 block periods of class time; two weeks as homework

Materials/Equipment Needed:Internet, Virginia View, Career Center, Job-O dictionary

Description of Lesson (includes context):In this lesson students will research a science related career field that interests them. The students are required to use three sources at a minimum. One of the sources must be an electronic one. The final assessment will include a written pamphlet and an oral presentation.


  1. What is the objective of this lesson?

FCPS POS Standards:SOL 8.5SOL C/T/8.2, 8.4

FCPS POS Benchmarks:

FCPS POS Indicators:8.5.3-28.3.2-1,5,6,78.3.3-3,4

VA SOL(s) (including Computer/Technology):SOL 8.5,SOL C/T8.2, 8.4



  1. What will we examine as evidence of students' knowledge and/or skill?

Product(s):Pamphlet on career researched

Performance(s):Oral Presentation to class on career researched



  1. What exactly will the students and teacher do during the lesson?

Directions to students for proceeding with the lesson:

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  1. Follow the directions on student sheet---"Choosing a Career Path"

Directions to teacher/administrator using the lesson?

  1. After initial block period, set aside some class time during the two week homework
    period for students to ask questions and touch base on their progress.


  1. What options in presentation(s) and/or response(s) are suggested in order to provide the opportunity for all students to demonstrate achievement of the benchmark(s) and indicator(s)?

Students have the opportunity to research a science-related career of their choice. They can
adapt their pamphlets and presentations to reflect both their skill/ability level in the
technology arena, their learning style and their creativity.

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