Use the data that you collected in your Internet search to make two box plots on the TI-83. Set the window for the y values at ymin=0, ymax=20 and yscl=1. This will allow you to look at your box plots without an axis running right through one of them. Draw your box plots here. Be sure to make a numbered scale between them. Label the five major parts of each plot, for example LQ=24.

Use the TI-83 to sort the data for each list in descending order.
What is the mode for each list? ____________, _____________
Use the ordered lists to make a back to back stem and leaf plot here. Dont forget to make a key.

Use the TI-83 to determine the 1 variable statistics.
List the results here.

Write a paragraph in complete sentences that compares and analyzes the data and the plots that you have made. Be sure to include the measures of central tendency and any other computations to support your analysis.