Each of your answers should have three parts.
a) Answer the question or list the data that you found.
b) Give the URL of the site where you found your answer.
c) Explain how you found that page. Use technology vocabulary such as hyperlink, browser, keyword, search engine and html in your answer.

1. Find a web site that explains something about box plots by using a search engine.
a) What did you find out?

b) What is the URL?

c) How did you arrive at that web site?

2. Find 2 lists of data that can be compared. There should be at least 10 pieces of data in each list. Some suggestions…sports statistics like Homeruns made by AL vs. NL teams…Grammy award statistics like # of women vs. #of men who won over a 10 year period (or more). If you are unsure about some statistics that you want to compare, check with the teacher.

a) Put your lists on the back of this paper.

b) What is the URL of the site that you collected data from?

c) How did you arrive at that web site?