Checking Account


Students are given a list of items purchased with prices, deposits, and withdrawals in a checking account format. They will create a spreadsheet by entering the information into the appropriate cells and the formula that is necessary for computation.


  • Students will utilize Clarisworks spreadsheet .

  • Students will enter data into the appropriate field.

  • Students will use the width and height adjustments to create the fields.

  • Students learn how to derive a formula to create the spreadsheet.


  • Students display a checking account including beginning balance, activities (purchases,

withdrawals, deposits), ending balance.

  • Students analyze data for reasonableness.


  • Teacher reviews the vocabulary and demonstrates how the formula is used to create the


  • Do an activity called “Magic Squares” to familiarize the students with fields and cells.

On the computer

  • Use Clarisworks spreadsheet.

  • After mastering this activity students will use “What if” to create more advanced spreadsheets.


  • Students will print-out their spreadsheets for evaluation.

  • Share results with a classmate.