Students will use the concepts of changing percent to decimal and rounding (hundredth) to find discounts. They will use the subtraction operation to find sale prices. The students will gather sale price data to enter on spreadsheet to compare with others.


  • Students will collect sales advertisement from newspaper(s).

  • Students will enter items, prices, discount rates on spreadsheet.

  • Students will create columns for calculated discount and sales prices from spreadsheet.

  • Students will graph their results.


  • Collection of advertisements.

  • Calculating discounts.

  • Rounding.

  • Finding sale prices.

  • Displaying data on graph.

  • Comparing sales with other students.


  • Use newspaper to find sale advertisements.

  • Compute discounts (rounding to the nearest hundredth) and sales.

On the computer

  • Place all information on spreadsheet.

  • Use sale prices to make graph.


  • Place graph around the classroom and compare savings from various stores.

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