Sports Spreadsheet Activity


Part of the Fairfax County Numerical Reasoning POS is for the students to be able to create and design a spreadsheet. This lesson will familiarize students with searching for information on the Web. Integrating the data collected from the Web into a spreadsheet adds a sense of interest and ownership to the project. The students are researching a topic they are familiar with and which they like.


  • Spreadsheets are helpful in organizing data in any field.

  • The Internet is a quick and available way to access information and data.


  • To create and design a spreadsheet given any type of data.

  • To reinforce spreadsheet skills.

  • To give students practice accessing data on the Web.


  • This lesson appeals to something all students can relate. The students will be able to pick any sport team or any sports player to track. The class will discuss ways to collect data about their favorite sports team or player on the Internet.

  • Having already learned how to set up a spreadsheet the class will review specific components of a spreadsheet using an in-class computer and the TV. Each student will be provided with a hard-copy of a blank spreadsheet where they can develop a draft.

  • Specific requirements of the unit include:

  • the spreadsheets must have a header, including a title, the team searched(or player) and the statistics being tracked.

each student will pick a different team or player
spreadsheets will be graded on good design, readability and accuracy

On the computer

  • The students will explore sports Web sites to gather specific data. The students will access a site that gives statistics on their particular player or sports team. If convenient, the computer within the classroom can be used. An alternative could be to use the computers in the lab that have Internet Access. A third option could be to accumulate multiple team computers and have a mini lab within the room.

  • After collecting their data from the Web, students will record it in a ClarisWorks spreadsheet. Each student will print out a hard copy of their spreadsheet following the guidelines previously mentioned.

  • If time allows the students can represent the data using Making a Graph from a Spreadsheet. Options include a bar or circle graph representing the sports teams statistics.


  • Each student will present their findings to the class.

  • Class discussion will focus on the many ways spreadsheets can be used to represent data.

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