Biography Newsletters


After reading a biography, students will create a newsletter report about the subject of the biography. The report will include five paragraphs and a list of interesting additional facts. Students will also scan/transfer, and/or cut and paste graphics/photos related to the biography.


  • Students use word processor to create, revise, and edit the report.

  • Students use graphics to enhance the report.

  • Students use scanner to copy a photo of the subject of the biography.


  • Students will publish a class booklet of the biography newsletters.


  • Students will select and read a biography of their choice. While reading, they will write response logs focusing on the following areas in the person’s life: early life, problems/obstacles, career decision, major accomplishments, later life, a list of interesting additional facts.

On the computer

  • Students will use word processing to write their paper in the five paragraphs and a list.

  • Students will use Helvetica or Chicago Font, 12 point size.

  • Students will revise, edit, and use spell-check before completing the draft of the report.

  • Students will print a copy of their work completed to this point to share in peer editing groups.

  • Students will complete revisions to the report.

  • Students will follow the directions for Creating a Newsletter.


  • Share biography newsletters and publish in a class book.

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