Biography Research Report


Students will read a biography and one or two other sources related to the same person,
focusing on what this person has discovered, invented, or achieved. Included will be the
actions and decisions made by the person to accomplish such importance. The students
will learn note-taking, out-lining, the correct form for bibliography,
and the use of other research tools. Working in pairs the students will use word -
processing skills to compose, edit, revise, and publish.


  • Students will develop research skills using three sources.

  • Students will work in pairs to improve their word-processing skills.

  • Students will improve their note-taking skills.

  • Students will learn how to write a concise outline.

  • Students will learn the proper format for a bibliography, including technology references.

  • Students will learn to use the scanner to copy related visual images.


  • Students will synthesize their found information into a two to four page paper.

  • Upon completion, the paper will include a correctly formed out-line and bibliography.

  • The paper will include at least one visual image, and a title page.


  • Student pairs will be designated.

  • Students will choose a biography to read, and select one or two other sources.

  • Students will read and view model student research papers.

  • Students will learn to use the Internet.

  • Students will learn to use the scanner.

  • Students will review how to edit and revise before writing the final copy.

On the computer

  • Pairs of students will learn to work cooperatively on one computer.

  • Students will be reminded to save often.

  • Students will be directed to edit and revise the content and the mechanics.


  • The paper will be assessed by the use of a rubric.

  • Students will give a formal oral presentation to their class.

  • Students will have their papers displayed on Parents’ night.

Related resources

  • Other subject possibilities for the research paper process: Careers, Core Topic choices.