Sell It Yourself


After classroom instruction investigating advertising techniques, students will use ClarisWorks to create magazine ads for products or services they create. These will be printed out as well as collated for presentation in slideshow format.


  • Advertising techniques

  • Poetic devices used in advertising: rhyme, rhythm, alliteration, repetition, imagery

  • Drawing, painting, and slideshow applications in ClarisWorks


  • On the computer, students will be able to create at least two magazine ads that utilize two different advertising techniques and two different poetic devices.

  • Students will be able to recognize advertising techniques and poetic devices in magazine advertising.

  • Students will be able to use word processing and one or more of the following to create magazine ads: Internet, scanner, desktop video camera, QuickTake camera.

  • Students will present their work in printed as well as slideshow form.


  • Review basics of advertising and poetic devices used in advertising.

  • Create plan for ads

  • Decide on product/service to be advertised
  • Create storyboard of advertisement (8 x 11) that indicates any images to be included, where and how those images are to be created or loaded on computer, advertising copy, placement of all items on page, and colors of background, frames, and text.

  • Preload images, pictures to be utilized from Internet, scanning, desktop video camera, and QuickTake camera

On the computer

  • Students will create two magazine ads for a product/service that they have created.

  • Students will print (in color) both ads.

  • Students will save ads for printing and for slideshow.

  • Volunteers will collate student files into one file for presentation to class in slideshow format.


  • View slideshow, identifying techniques and devices used in ads.

  • Test using magazine ads: students should be able to identify the techniques and devices studied. They should be able to recognize these elements in magazine ads not previously seen in class.

Related resources

  • Advertising techniques handout (attachment: “10 Tricks of the Trade”)

  • Magazines to use for examples of ads

  • Scanner

  • Quick Take camera

  • Desktop video camera

  • Internet