Birthday Buddy


This activity will introduce students to several concepts. Students will explore an Internet web site and/or the Groliers Encyclopedia to investigate a famous person who shares their birthday. Students will write a five paragraph comparison and contrast essay on their findings. Finally, students will use the writing process through the ClarisWorks word processing program.


  • Students use an Internet web site as a tool to locate information.

  • Students use a software program to investigate information.

  • Students write a five paragraph essay.

  • Students will use word processor to create, revise, edit, and publish essays.


  • Students will write a five paragraph essay about a famous person who shares their birthday.


  • Teacher models correct access procedures for the Internet.

  • Students will have had prior use of the ClarisWorks word processing program.

  • Teacher models correct procedures for use of the electronic encyclopedia.

  • Students receive information regarding essay format (see attached file).

On the computer

  • Students will access the web site:

  • Students will go to appropriate links related to the person selected.

  • Students will access Groliers Encyclopedia to research further information if needed.

  • Students will open a new ClarisWorks word processing folder and input their essays. The essays should be written following the Essay Format attachment. The writing will be completed on paper, revised by peers, and ready to put in publishing format on the computer. Each student should have an individual disk to save on.

  • Students will print out the essay and work in partner groups on revisions. They may run

  • Spell checks prior to printing.

  • Students return to computer and make revisions from their original file.

  • Student select from a predesignated choice of fonts and sizes for their text and print final copies.


  • Students share their essays in an oral presentation.

Related resources

  • Web site:

  • Essay Format attached file.

  • Groliers Encyclopedia or related software.